Andrew (Drew) LoPucki

3002 NW 34th StGainesville, FL 32605

(352) 335-2277 ●


The George Washington University Law School                                                    Washington, DC

Juris Doctor                                                                                                                           May, 2006


University of Wisconsin, Madison                                                                                Madison, WI

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science (Systems emphasis)                                           December, 1998


Legal Work Experience

Professor Lynn M. LoPucki                                                                                           Washington, DC

Summer Research Assistant                                                                                          Summer 2004


Researched issues in a large secured transactions case.  Utilized a wide array of resources from the three-ring bound Nevada Digest and other library resources to Lexis and Westlaw online databases.  Issues involved relative effects of secured creditor status, real party in interest and indispensable parties with respect to Chapter 9 of the Nevada Uniform Commercial Code.  Also conducted daily research using Lexis and Westlaw news databases as well as Pacer, Edgar, Google and Findlaw to update data in Professor LoPucki’s big-case bankruptcies database (available at


Prior Work Experience

MJ Research/GeneSys Technologies Inc.                                     South San Francisco, CA/Sauk City, WI

Senior Software Engineer                                                                              August, 1998-April, 2000


As a software engineer, helped design and implement a Windows application shipped with our DNA sequencing machine.  Software automatically extracted DNA information from a ‘noisy’ data file created by the machine.  I designed and implemented flexible manual tools so the user could quickly and easily verify and correct automatic analysis.  Planned development of software by discussing issues with beta clients.  Presented software to customers including one presentation to over thirty scientists.


WordWalla Inc.                                                                                                                 Fremont, CA

Senior Software Engineer                                                                           April, 2000-February, 2001


Developed a multi-alphabet chat application to allow a user with a browser to chat in 70+ languages.  Developed a server application to convert multi-lingual html pages into a picture allowing small devices such as PDAs and Cell phones to display non-English sites without needing a multi-lingual font.


Teamscape Corporation                                                                                                 Burlingame, CA

Technical Consultant                                                                         February, 2001–September, 2001


Technical liaison between corporate customers and Teamscape’s software engineers.  Main responsibility was on-site customer technical support during installation at large corporate customers’ sites.  Presented software at industry trade shows.  Trained corporate customers on maintenance and use of the software.


Self-Employed                                                                                        Burlingame, CA/Gainesville, FL

Independent Contractor                                                                                 October, 2001-July 2003


Designed and developed various web-based projects on an independent contractor basis.